Use this store to see how shoppers experience LoyaltyLion

Create a custom, full page loyalty program. You can completely customise the look and feel of your loyalty program using our new SDK. You can add sections in any order and style each of the elements, directly within your theme. It's quick, mobile responsive and, most importantly, completely reflects your brand.

You may also use our default widget, as seen at the bottom of the screen.

Earn LionRewards Points

Earn LionRewards points

Customers can earn points for completing activities, such as making purchases, following social media accounts, writing reviews, visiting your store, referring friends and much more.

Spend LionRewards points

Customers can redeem points toward discounts, free items, free shipping, and more.

Exclusive LionRewards perks

Reward your most loyal customers! With tiers, you can segment customers by points earned or money spent. Give exclusive rewards to your higher ranking members, and offer a higher points value per dollar spent.